About the project

Housebound is an offbeat mash-up of gothic horror and domestic comedy. It blends deadpan humour with B-movie thrills to create something for both seasoned horror fans and the permanently uninitiated.

The debut feature from Gerard Johnstone (award-winning creator, writer and director of New Zealand comedy series The Jaquie Brown Diaries), Housebound is a high concept film with a very low budget.

It was funded through the 'Escalator' scheme, an iniative by the NZ film commission which aimed to prove that good things could come in small financial packages. Along with his producer Luke Sharpe, Gerard accepted the challenge and crafted a highly sophisticated genre film which has exceeded expectations.

Beautifully shot by award winning director of photography Simon Riera, it also assembled a stellar cast featuring newcomer Morgana O'Reilly, ex-music television VJ Glen Paul Waru, comedian Millen Baird and Rima Te Wiata who makes her first big screen comedy comeback in over 15 years.

Year: 2014
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Writer/Director: Gerard Johnstone
Producer: Luke Sharpe
Executive Producers: Daniel Story, Chris Lambert, Michael Kumerich and Ant Timpson
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